As you demonstrate, but don’t overtly discuss, the big problems for downtown coffee shops are in the bluest of downtowns. Downtown Phoenix is booming. Same for a lot of cities outside the Deep State prison cities.

Who wants to drink coffee or work in an environment that’s potentially dangerous, deserted because of ridiculous government policy, or filled with the homeless or “activists” cosplaying their way through whatever mental health crisis they are in the middle of? Most productive people don’t look at getting their morning coffee as a paramilitary exercise.

Hatred and political manifestos with my Americano ☕️ ? I’ll pass.

Bernie Sanders, the faux Vermonter, faux Socialist millionaire grifter who never did an honest day’s work in his life, who let the Clinton campaign buy him off in 2016, giving Howard Schulz’s a hard time about being rich is well, rich.

Good to see you writing here again

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Aug 19, 2023Liked by Max Meyer

Another interlude of truth and sanity and America -- enjoyed, ironically, over a cup of coffee.....

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Thanks Rob, I appreciate it!

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Aug 20, 2023Liked by Max Meyer

Max, I love you!!! Im a coffeeshop fan myself for the sense of community it provides me. This is a beautiful essay. Thank you. ❤️☕️

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Small communities. Genuine people. Sanity. I’m from there, too - Muscatine. Thanks for your work!

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Great piece, love the positive turn at the end.

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Coffee stations are gas stations for people - some are nice, some are rundown, all are essential.

> The Todds hope to be able to keep their pork and coffee business running

I read that, and, for a brief, excruciatingly cursed moment, imagined some kind of pork broth coffee served in a cup, or pork ramen with coffee grounds sprinkled on top for flavor, like some sort of evil bonito flakes.

You're welcome.

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I prefer breweries.

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Great read. I'm thankful coffee shops seem to be thriving here (Chattanooga, TN).

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Just read your article on the FP.

My name is Ryan Tanner and I’m a 21 year old rising junior at Vanderbilt. My email is ryantanner102@icloud.com

I’d love to chat with you about how you were able to transition to farm life. I’m looking to do the same myself and would love to hear your wisdom about the process.



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In South Korea, where I live, Starbucks is doing very well. Korea has the second-highest per capita number of Starbucks in the world (after Canada). If you were to count only Seoul, it would be the highest. In Chungju, the small-ish city where I live, there is no fewer than five Starbucks, and they are always busy. (In Korea, the Starbucks chain is a joint venture of Starbucks and retail conglomerate Shinsegae.) Aside from Starbucks, there are six other major chains and about a million independent stores. The reason for all this? They sell good coffee, decent food and likeable space. That's it. No politics, no wokeness, no arguments. Also, the prices are a bit better in the US (much better out of Seoul, and there is no tipping in Korea). So if you are going crazy from uber-wokeness but want trouble-free coffee, you might consider moving to SK.

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